Psi Upsilon’s National Philanthropy:

Psi Upsilon has adopted the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Canadian Mental Health Association as recognized Philanthropic partners of Psi Upsilon and encourages all chapters of Psi Upsilon to promote mental health awareness.
Mental Health issues are a major concern on college campuses. While most colleges and universities have counseling centers and offer similar services, they may have long wait times. Beyond that, there are many modern stigmas that cause students not to seek help. Involvement in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Canadian Mental Health Association can help break down these stigmas and allow our members to better understand mental health issues, how to support one another, and better seek treatment when necessary.

Phi Nu’s Local Philanthropy:

The Phi-Nu Chapter of Psi Upsilon has created a brand new community partnership in youth development coined “Friends of Phi-Nu”. Our new program is sending shockwaves through the CNU and Newport News Community.

Our mission is to create a service program that benefits both, brothers within the Phi Nu chapter of Psi Upsilon Fraternity and students at Hidenwood Elementary School. Brothers will act as role models, using Psi Upsilon values to foster mentorship, tutoring, and friendship. It will align with our goal of creating a lasting program that active and future brothers of our chapter will have the opportunity to play a role in.

The main focus will teach our brothers to become male role models in the classroom, starting at the elementary level. Hidenwood is a Title 1 school meaning, they receive additional government funding to provide additional programs for at risk and low income students. 40 percent of the total population of Hidenwood students live at or below the poverty level. Our brothers will not only be providing mentorship, but will receive a perspective of what it’s like to deal with struggles many of us have not had.

The ultimate goal of this program? To help a local community who is right behind campus, provide additional brother accountability through youth development, and most importantly, reinforce the values and mission each brother has pledged to this organization. We are proud as a chapter, to have built this program from the ground-up and look forward to seeing the wonders community service can accomplish in a local community.